What are shares/stocks?
Shares represent ownership in a company. They entitle holders to a claim on company profits to the extent of shares purchased.
How does the stock market function?
The stock market is an electronic market where shares/securities of listed companies are traded through members of the stock exchange. The market functions on the basic principle of demand and supply.
What are listed companies?
Companies which are listed at the stock exchanges and their shares are available to the general public for trading at the stock exchanges are called listed companies.
What are dividends?
A company distributes profits to its shareholders via dividends, usually in form of cash or bonus shares. Stable companies offer regular dividends to their shareh olders while high growth companies provide the opportunity to benefit from capital gains.
What is the risk associated with investment in stock market?
Risks are associated with all businesses including stocks and commodities, however, through carefully executed decisions, risks can be managed.
What is the minimum investment requirement?
The minimum investment required for stock market is Rs. 50,000.
What fee does RASL charge?
Our rates are highly competitive, the greater the volume, the lesser the rates. For details, kindly refer to our commission slabs.
What is the period of settlement?
Settlement of shares is done at T+2, meaning, your transactions will realize in trade date plus 2 business days.
What taxes are charged to stock market investments?
Capital value tax amounting to 0.01% is charged upon purchase of shares. Withholding tax amounting to 10% is charged upon receipt of dividends and capital gains tax is charged on the basis of holding period. For a holding period greater than 12 months, no CGT is charged.
How can one successfully determine upcoming movements in stocks/commodities?
Generally well managed companies will produce strong results which will positively affect their share price. To understand commodities, one needs to understand geo-political scenario.
Does RASL provide guidance on stock/commodity selection?
Yes, we guide investors via a comprehensive research report published weekly which is available on our website.
How can I open an account with RASL?
You can open an account with RASL by filling out the account opening form available at all our branches. Once all requirements are met, you will have access to your trading account.
What are the documents required for opening an account with RASL?
The necessary documents are an RASL account opening form, CDC sub account opening form, attested copies of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the main account holder, joint account holder (if any), nominee and witnesses, and a signed specimen signature card